Insuring Your Hunting Preserve

March 03, 2015

Standard business insurance will do for many companies across many industries. But as an outdoorsman, you know that owning a hunting preserve comes with more specialized coverage needs. At Fleming & Riles Insurance, we understand those needs because we have an extensive knowledge of the outdoors, as well as the insurance industry.

Hunting preserves do share some coverage needs with those of other industries. For instance, every business needs property and liability coverage. However, hunting preserves offer a wide variety of unique services that also need to be covered. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Game, bird, and waterfowl hunting
  • Fishing, both guided and unguided, with or without boats
  • Special events and tournaments
  • Lodging and on-site cafeterias / restaurants
  • Transportation of guests across grounds
  • Supply shop that sells guns, ammo, and other specialty equipment
  • Kennels and dog training services
  • Farming operations

Whatever services your hunting preserve offers, we can write a policy to cover the risks you might face. For instance, if a tornado rips through the property and kills much of the wildlife, you may lose business in the following weeks, or even months. With the right insurance policy in place, your hunting preserve can operate under protection and you can rest easy knowing that your financial risks are minimized.

Call our agency today to learn more about protecting your hunting preserve and the services it offers. We’re happy to provide personalized assistance. Get the coverage you need. Call Fleming & Riles Insurance at (229) 436-2408 for more information on Albany hunting preserve insurance.