Insuring Your Golf Cart

Insuring Your Golf Cart

February 28, 2022

Are you tearing around your golf course, neighborhood, or even the highway in your beautiful, decked-out golf cart, ATV, RTV, or UTV? Nice! Way to live the dream.

However, you may not know that those sweet rides need to be insured in the same way as your car or truck as your typical homeowner policy does not offer protection for it.

Even though they are smaller, accidents happen each year that makes “off premises liability” insurance a necessity. Check out the following ways that golf cart insurance can help:


  • Liability - Needed to protect you and others once you leave your yard as your homeowner policy does NOT provide that coverage for you. 
  • Comprehensive and Collision - Also, like auto, this covers your Golf cart, ATV, RTV, UTV vehicle for damages such as collision, flipping vehicle, theft, hitting an animal, etc.
  • Guest Passenger Coverage - This would offer some coverage for friends & guest riding along with you.

A simple policy can make sure you and your family are properly covered if an incident were to occur.  Please contact us today to learn more!