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When it comes to making your home space beautiful, or aesthetically pleasing, there are quite a few factors to take into consideration. What type of furniture have you chosen? Is there room for all of it, and do your decorative items accentuate the look of your home? Color scheme also plays a huge role in creating good aesthetics. READ MORE >>

Standard business insurance will do for many companies across many industries. But as an outdoorsman, you know that owning a hunting preserve comes with more specialized coverage needs. At Fleming & Riles Insurance, we understand those needs because we have an extensive knowledge of the outdoors, as well as the insurance industry. READ MORE >>

It’s common knowledge that drivers need auto insurance to legally register and operate their vehicles, but crafting the right policy to fit your needs and budget can be challenging, especially for drivers who are leasing or financing their vehicles. READ MORE >>

There are two primary types of life insurance policies; protection centric policies and investment centric policies. Like other personal insurance policies, protection based life insurance policies are designed to provide lump sum claim settlements should the policy holder suffer from a specified event such as death or serious illness. READ MORE >>

It’s easy to figure out what commercial property insurance covers but commercial liability insurance is a bit hazier. In general, this liability insurance makes sure a business is financially protected from any sorts of accidents that occur at the business’ property or by a product from the business. READ MORE >>

Young adults heading off to college often have a big decision to make about where they are going to live while attending their classes. While some students chose to cut costs by sticking close to home, for others university dorms or off campus apartments are the likely solution. READ MORE >>

Typically when purchasing a vehicle for the first time, there is a lot of excitement. While getting the right auto insurance policy should be on top of the list of financial considerations to make when making this purchase, there are many other factors to consider as well; such as if you are getting a used car. READ MORE >>

It's easy to get frustrated on the road while driving, especially when stuck in traffic or driving through tightly-packed roads in major cities. Even with all that goes on during your normal commute, it's important to keep yourself controlled and calm and not escalate any situations you may find yourself in. READ MORE >>

Motorcycles can be a fun and fuel efficient alternative to four-wheeled vehicles, offering riders a more engaging means of traveling. However, the increased sensory experience also comes with increased risks.  As most motorcyclists are aware, bikes are far more dangerous to drive than a car. READ MORE >>

Over the years, auto safety has evolved greatly from basic seatbelts, air bags and head lights into high-tech vehicle features which help not only protect the occupants of a vehicle in the event of a crash, but aim to prevent accidents all together. READ MORE >>

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